ELLIS Engineering Inc. is an Ontario Corporation providing Engineering and Construction Administration Services to Governments and the Private Sector.  Our main areas of expertise are Project Management, Contract Preparation, Design Services and Construction Administration.  Our approach is to work closely with the Client to optimise the financial budgets in place and to execute the projects in the most cost-effective way possible, while at the same time, maintaining the highest possible standards of Engineering Service.


Existing Structures - Inspection and Appraisals

  • Detailed Appraisals, including field investigations of materials and foundation conditions.

  • Structural Evaluations.

  • Recommendations on cost-effective rehabilitation methods and procedures.

  • Visual Condition Surveys and Reports.

New or Replacement Structures

  • Project Management Services from conceptual design to full implementation of final design.

  • Rehabilitation versus Replacement Analysis Reports.

Field Investigations

  • Arranging and managing Geotechnical Investigations and interpolating reports.

  • Preparation of topographic drawings and related cross-sections.

  • Total Station Surveys, including both bathymetric and land surveys.

Design Services

  • Detailed Cost Estimates.

  • Preparation of Contract Documents, specifications and drawings.

  • Engineering Services during tendering.

  • Design of foundations, retaining structures, and superstructures in steel and concrete.

  • Hydraulic Design of Culverts and Bridges.

Construction Services - Contract Administration Services

  • Cost control and certification of contractor progress claims as per the contract.

  • Surveys as required.

  • Detailed construction reports including photographs of the construction process.

  • Preparation of minutes of meetings and all record keeping.